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The purpose of this site is to freely share, transfer expertise in following subjects:

        Graphology / handwriting analysis

        Analysis of art

        Images in 3-dimensions

        Psychology of colour

        Latest development of system and practice of drawing for mind refinement        
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     I am an old-timer; when we got off work at 2:00 PM real life started. Anyone who dropped a word about making money was considered ripe for mental institution. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Doing things for free liberates the soul. 


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Graphology: Once in an eon - knowledge with no strings attached

    The main idea is education in handwriting analysis which may include other related arts and forensic examination. First goal is to suppress the ubiquitous Quackologists who besides entertainment may, without warning, supply seeds of destruction. My second wife, now with the Lord, a teacher from under the Mayon volcano noted, "Doctor’s mistakes are buried, teacher’s mistakes multiply".
    I wish to gather a bunch of nice knowledge-hungry friends.

    In Binangonan, April 2020,   Oldrich

Lesson 1

    Attending Courses at McMaster my second was World Religions. Really exciting, intellectually refreshing were the Eastern ones which in Europe are paid little attention to. I almost believe that East is East, West is West and the two never will meet... West ones are up to their neck in dirty politics. It makes sense to rely on ancient texts. 
    Most striking, possibly life-altering message you discover in the Yajnavalkya Upanishad with its conclusion, "The Self has to be known; by knowing the Self one comes to know all things". Therefore, the motto is,

Knowledge of the Self is the only science that matters

Most frequently Graphologists convey their findings using established ‘personality trait theory of personality’. They believe it is satisfactory. 
    I vehemently disagree. Definitions, words themselves are thought to facilitate communication. Not so, they may impart confusion. Instead of saying, "you have jealousy - like it would be a disease - I say, "Sometimes you may wonder if you will be able to stand up to a competitor". 
    If the signs are very strong I am obliged to report, "Your fears of not being adequate in competitive situations may interfere with your daily life".

Let us try in the interest of clear understanding to avoid definitions as much as possible. One unfortunate consequence of talking in code words is that it creates illusion of knowledge, not true understanding. 
    Many Graphologists, even those with big credentials promise the students extraordinary powers of reading thoughts of their fellow humans. This looks to me like offer of schizophrenia. It seems true enlightenment is only possible through humility. 

Lesson 2

Please, bear with me. In this medium of Internet my website is a spit in the ocean. It is vital to spend a moment pondering a method of judging which sites to avoid. Life is short. 
    Considering dealing with any business the first warning comes from their website. Here is a list of tel-tales indicating dishonesty. 
    Gray fonts, low contrast, difficult to read.This applies not only to Internet but also packaging of goods, etc.; 
    Too many images and interfering parallel columns. Gluttony; 
    Text which disappear or is over-layed by unwanted ads; 
    Concealing origin, Country, names; 
    Too long stories with revelation of the main purpose - selling - at the last line;
    Sponsorships, tear-jerking testimonials of persons whose existence is not possible to confirm; 
    Watch for Freudian Slips.

Signs of extreme arrogance: 
    Images change or move contrary to user’s wishes; 
    Ubiquitous lies about purpose of cookies. Legal perversion akin to victim forced to prove his innocence; sites with short cookie note are more honest; you can feel they are embarrassed. 
    Obviously exaggerated claims; 
Unlikely chance of getting personal attention: 
    Stress on Existence of Board of Directors, too many pictures and embellishments. You will pay for all of it. 
    Too numerous services, each entailing well-paid experts. Giant overhead; 
    These signs may not be exact image of otherwise honest business, they rather speak of poor control of their webmasters who should be told about psychology, not annoying clients to death, damage reputation of the Organization which comes from blindly following the last idiotic fads. The poor guys just want to prove they are worthy their salaries; they need strict guidance.

    Feel assured you powers of discrimination will improve, necessary tool in our confused times. 

Lesson 3

It never was a custom that a gentleman would heap misery upon those already suffering. Yet, explanation of a phenomenon is unavoidable. Our original small crude and dependable brain was augmented by the Creator by a treacherous fancy one, undoubtedly as a means of widening range of survival tools. He may regret his decision, since the assertive headquarters have a capacity of destruction of human race. Now everything that happens is a result of cooperation or competition of the two centres. There is no ‘middle’ or ‘mundane’ centre. 

An article posted in The Japan Times showed a South Korean lady with intent to start a movement of ‘no dating, no sex, no marriage, no kids".  Anyone knowing her whereabouts send her this YouTube address: <O mio Babbino Caro>   a very young girl sings one of the most difficult operatic arias. I think she may be persuaded, not standing firmly in her stilettos, that's why she needs support of a large group. I can teach her how to care for small babies, wash diapers where tears of joy mix with ones from  nasty chlorine vapors. Until a woman bears a child she is not entitled to an opinion. Let her pray to her ancestors. 
    On the other end of spectrum, in some  places trend is towards silicon dolls equipped with AI. The sexbots, as they are commonly called, answer only when asked; avoid controversy in addition to many qualities men always dreamed of. Very little risk, no fear of betrayal. This meets with frantic, justified attacks by the feminist groups. The men retort, do we censor your relations named after Greek island and other extra-curricular activities? Nope; the dolls will be relegated to museums the moment you show you are better than the silicon ladies, less stress-producing. 
    This may be seen as blackmail. Never mind, in war and in love nothing is forbidden. The matter of ‘no children’ concerns every human, as population is on dangerous decline.
    From the times we made our homes in caves there was an overwhelming need for strong muscles, leadership, maintaining blood lines which were patri-centric. If all male heirs died or were not born it was a great misfortune. The clan is said ‘died out after sword’ as opposed to ‘dying out after spindle’.
    Some excitable males say, "we must go and shoot them like varmints". Nature knows better. She simply lets them ‘die out after zucchini’. 
    It is conceivable that the confused genes may be put back on tracks only if the leadership can do the same for womankind as the shoguns made the warriors accept the Bushido Code. Under no circumstance they would see themselves in other position than barefoot and pregnant. 
     Recently, Russians  enshrined marriage as a union of man and woman in their Constitution. This is an example of logical thinking, taking notes and a pre-emptive strike. The lawmakers would continue in the logical process, specifying that marriage is foundation of the state, Empire. This will be logical background for creation of ordinances and laws derived from the Constitutional amendment. Logical, perfect laws leave no space for confusion and political fighting. Opposition using the issue to denigrate the Government may be then charged with a crime against Constitution.

    These lines may serve as a partial introduction to the crucial world of human emotions. Nothing is disconnected from it, not even the most fantastic dreams in far-flung Planets.  

    In analysis, it is unwise to get swayed by first visible signs and ignore more subtle but important tell-tales which contradict the first. This requires logic and attention to detail. 
    Choice of media is important in communication. Skilled recruiter can tell a lot not only from handwriting, but choice of pen. 
    A letter to a person I respect I write using ink and pen with italic nib or at least sign the printed with it. Ordinary application or message may feature ballpoint pen. A letter to the Government I am tempted to sign with the cheapest stub of pencil retrieved from a pile of manure. Everything counts. You can observe here how abstract ideas interconnect with deep emotions, impossible to tame or separate into categories.

    Speaking of emotions, I read a book of Emanuel Frankel, a Doctor surviving concentration camp. Because of the huge population his observations have high scientific value. When the inmates heard good news, meaning Germans were losing the war and there was a vision of liberation a very few persons died every day. When the news were bad, Germans were winning, huge numbers of prisoners were dying. The same in stressful situation of Christmas.
    Every time a Dictator is overthrown and runs for asylum he soon dies of cancer. He has lost his status on which he based his whole life. We may wonder what happens to a man who no longer holds his male status.
    I trust you recognise that the cultural dictate of avoiding certain subjects is wrong; what you do not know can kill you.  Speaking in oblique terms may be a reasonable compromise.


Lesson 4


A building block in handwriting and most of art. There can be a variety of lines; long, short, light, heavy, straight or curved; all represent an action originating in nervous system, abstract realm and compulsively projected onto media. It is the unwavering identity of the two which gives it analytical power and scientific predictability - unless the practitioner claims abilities not belonging to him. This unfortunately happens very often - hence the enormous population of quacks who are able to build their own empires contradicting science. 

First thing to consider in extracting personal information from a simple line is the point of origin and direction of progress. Line which starts close to the body, bottom of media, lower area of script, has its character (this applies to all lines, visible or hidden) dictated by previous conditioning, emotional experiences. If such lines are frequent, heavy, s long and quick it indicates the writer being heavily influenced, limited in balanced approach to solving problems, dealing with others. He expects enmity, resistance, where none exists. He strikes out before sunrise.

If such a line proceeds horizontally in normal direction, not far, not close to body, it was started with mixture of both ideas and emotional force, with a goal of accomplishing task at hand.

A line progressing towards our own body can have character depending on exact direction. If slanting to left, the writer is prone to blaming himself for sins he didn’t commit. If a line is long, vertical, it is prompted by a force beyond emotions, by a desire to escape unbearable environment.

If the line is heavy progressing downward and slanted to right the writer is much emotionally dependent on outcomes, often disregarding common sense. He may be difficult to deal with; he always must win an argument.

How does the line start and end? Blunt ends signify deliberate, self-assured person, Lines with whip-like ends show irritable person who things he can bull others into submission.

First advice: Trust no expert. Assemble your own checkpoints based on real experience. Do not imagine things not present.


Lesson 5


    This refers to spaces within letters and words, how stretched or compressed is the script, spaces in margins and vertical distance between written lines. 
   If the letters are formed narrow, huddled, the writer suppresses his feelings, actions. If such script leans well to right, there is a tension which can manifest itself in various negative ways. This is a manner of writing typical of activists. Compressed and heavy writing, regardless of slant, always is troublesome.            
     Spaces larger than usual between letters and words indicate someone who is determined to give people their fair share, listen to their opinions minding advice of Max Ehlermann’s Desiderata, "...and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant, for they too have their story". They are comfortable in their belief, therefore not defensive, leave openings for others to exploit. Extremes may border with metal problems. The same for vertical distances. 
   The most embarrassing experience I hardly survived at the beginning of my career: Anxious to get job at a Government Agency I was given a sample to analyse.
   You are mostly correct but missed a very important part. This person, a smooth talker, got a job here as a French interpreter. Soon we found he hardly knew  a word French. 
    I looked again - it was glaring - upper and lower loops scrambled together. utter confusion. This should be a lesson to everyone; do not let yourself be rushed, take time, follow a list in order not to skip a vital area.


Lesson 6


I had the misfortune of dealing with few experts, professionals, who caused my family pain, accelerated death. Nobody was ever charged with wrong diagnosis, malpractice. An example of different interpretation of Hipocratic Oath.

Before the WW2, Adolf Hitler was widely admired, supported in his theory of Germans being superior Arian race, having right to acquire land and resources of the "untermenschen". Not everyone agreed. You will not find one Jew who would not condemn his words, "Many Jews are not aware of the destructive nature of their existence"; (Mein Kampf).

Albert Schweitzer gave up life of fame and luxury to build a hospital in Lambarene, equatorial Africa. Nobody  disagrees with his "Reverence for Life". Still, hard-core colonialists may believe to be God-chosen to ‘civilise’ the natives, at any cost.

Sigmund Freud, a brilliant psychologist, may be challenged on his forcefully creating an empire based on non-existing Id, Ego and Super-ego, on trying to personally own the science and making servants of promising or equally gifted scientists.

I have a handwriting sample which, submitted to graphologists, would end in a verdict of the person being not very intelligent, without spiritual and intellectual ambitions. With drawbacks in sensual sphere.

They would be very embarrassed to learn it is a writing of Mahatma Gandhi. His intellect and ambition to liberate India is incomparable. His spare time was spent on spinning thread as a means of yoga meditation, keeping his mind in good shape for his struggle. No need to inquire about his other activities and pains.

These four men I happened to choose for my essay "Society shapes individual". Finally the Marxist-damaged Professor hit concrete wall; some sawdust spilled.

I long ago saw a black and white movie about man leaving his wife or lover. After some time he wanted to come back. It was a dark dirty street, raining. He rang a bell, no answer. She most likely watched him from behind curtains soaking wet.

After while she went out with a dog collar and leash, let him crawl on his four in mud and bark like a dog. Most people I know would say that he deserved that. Some other people, myself included, would say such thoughts never enter our minds; we insist that the scene proved that she loves him very much.

Another case: There was a flick of Chinese woman attacking and ripping clothes off her husband's mistress in public. Some people cheered her punishing the 'marriage wrecker', some tried to restrain her. There is a school saying she may actually be saving his marriage. The delinquent woman may be embarrassed, but she will tell her lover next time, ' see how much dignity I sacrificed for you, how much I love you". Now, where is the loss, where is the gain?
Still another interpretation. Mental health experts will say she is not really angry with the woman, despite the appearance; she is angry with herself for not being able to prevent the things developing.

Better than learning about graphic signs is to practice them as a means of gaining self-mastery, starting from calligraphy. Other method used since Renaissance  is to draw nude figures. There is nothing more challenging, brain-taxing and mind developing. Long story.

I read an article about a vocal local woman who referred to seniors in a life-drawing group as 'dirty old men'; I was much offended. Were they always dirty, since cradle, or  is the 'dirt' natural consequence of old age. In such a case her judgment would be grossly uncivilized.  In an interview, she was asked what she feels seeing a nude model. 'Nothing'. An example of Freudian Slip, obvious lie trying to deny experiences of whatever kind. There is no escape. If they asked  me I would be obliged to say, 'I feel like being in a Cathedral'.  It is obvious that by using the word 'dirty' she falls back on her own modus operandi, filthy mind.

Trying to re-start my old tea habit I bought two favourite ones from reputable Companies. Impressive packaging. Under microscopic examination of one I read it was made in Poland, probably in remote plant near the Polar Circle, under artificial Sun. The most desirable Bergamon oil replaced by some nasty chemical, source of big headaches. From the other kind, the top sachet indeed produced relaxation of mind and bladder. The top sachet only, the rest terrible long lasting side effects. Not possible to stop cursing the manufacturers. I wish I could remove from this Planet the countless middlemen skilled in diluting and adding, buy the original 1 kg bag of 'Yerba Mate' directly from Argentina. They are too stupid to swindle me.

Question: Am I  insulting the people of Argentina?

Answer: Most people of South America are well versed in poetic language; they know the word 'stupid' here means 'honest'.

Beware of interpretations!

Lesson 7


Hallucinations of 'experts' regarding closed or nearly-closed spaces as in letter 'o', or loops of 'l'  or 'g' are never-ending. 

The principles are easy to remember; the wider, rounder, larger and more carefully executed "corrals" the more secure means to keep the beasts in, domesticated or wild. If the circular forms  have openings it naturally indicates that the individual is secure, not schizophrenic about his possessions, likely to share them, along with secrets. Keeping  what one's got is natural desire and it must be evaluated together with other mental habits, like constant search for opportunity to acquire possessions. This usually is found in hooks at beginning of words or letters. Deformed shapes spell various kinds of fears.  Hold your horses, be safe, do not invent stories beyond compressed structures indicating fear of progress, although this is a significant sign. Here important is regularity, neatness. Some forms may be just learned in school and difficult to shed.

Seeing double loops or included hooks and weaving fairy tales around them is another favourite of quacks,  for their main purpose is to leave clients in awe. Lower loops size and irregularities may show customs in sexual area, but not necessarily and it is commonly over-emphasized, perhaps projecting problems of the analyst himself. It may be equally applicable to love of food, general emotional well-being.














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