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   I am trying to avoid blog-type communication because it would overwhelm my domain which is non-profit. I cannot afford to upgrade to commercial size. Therefore I wish any comments were connected to the subjects represented here and where I possess considerable expertise. It does not mean I definitely reject any off-subject ideas or requests done through e-mail. 
    I have good reason to shield myself from graphologists, art therapists, healers and similar enterprises. I respect them, but we cannot see eye to eye. I am an old-timer. When we got off work at 2:00 PM real life started. Anyone who dropped a word about making money was considered ripe for mental Institution. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Doing things for free liberates the soul. 




        Due to hundreds thousands of publications, Patents issued and a fact human life doesnít last the required 500 years and also the universal right to creation I am doing away with studying the state of art except accidental exposure. What a pleasure.  This entails possibility of seeming infringement on I.P. of other persons. This is not my intention.                                                                                                                                                                                          
    At the beginning of my innovation career I was upset realizing that I was not the first who invented logarithmic scales and concept of proportional navigation of ground-to-air missile guiding system.  Therefore, consider any writing incorporating words Public Domain as a contribution to a brainstorm session not requiring any comment. If any technology or part is found original, I claim credit.

Oldrich Nos, innovator, In Binangonan, RIZAL, Philippines


Not exactly maritime but recurring problem:  On a roadside an innovator lay bleeding robbed and savaged by satano-mocratic gang.

Samaritans ?

XXX XXXXXX XXXX, CEO                                                                                                                                                                                    XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX                                                                                                                                                                               XXXXXXX  

Esteemed  XXXXXX XXXX, 

    Products I am happy with can be counted using digits of one hand. Your refrigerator is among them. Still, in a crowded house where the fridge door is open most of the time cost of electricity may be unbearable. Seniors with less flexible body may have difficulty reaching some parts of the shelves.

    I propose design changes which will make your product a super-darling of consumers. As a drawer, each shelf will retain its volume of cold air when open. Ambient air will fill the space  at the  back of the drawer which will remain isolated from the cold air and expelled upon closing the drawer. There is a pair of gates which open and join the drawer interior with the shaft of cold air upon closing  and close when the drawer is open. Please, follow the Drawing. No patent search was done. If any idea presented is original, useful and patentable I claim priority.



With high regards,

Oldrich Nos                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        XXXXXX XXXXXXX                                                                                                                                                                  


    The idea of rewarding inventors is good, until we examine the details. Our forefathers  overlooked a rule valid since Adam and Eve - if you give a rich man finger, he does not care about your hand and arm; his ambition is to swallow the whole universe. Examples abound.

Let's fly, for a while

    Life is precious. That's why I flew paragiider only in fair weather, without turbulence, from some smaller hills, some high altitude from Indian Cliffs, Bath, N.Y.
    Let me count the ways you can die while paragliding - and the reasons.

 *   Encountering strong uplift your body swings forward, wing pulls back. Then, beginner pilot and low altitude is a bad combination. It may result in stall which needs extra space to handle.
 *   In towing up, angle of attack is excessive which results in the wing having no regards to stabilising mass of the pilot's body, followed by lock-out, dive and crash.
 *   Insufficient flying speed and side wind make one tip of the wing collapse. It may progress to full collapse, stall and variety of fatal complications.

    These are the main culprits. Now the reasons.

    Manufacturers are lying, lying and lying about safety of their gliders. Statistics show oterwise. Once growing in size, they become extremely arrogant. Value of pilots' life is irrelevant,  value of Dollar paramount. Life-saving technologies which make free flight safe are available. I will donate them to Public Domain since I have no other means to demonstrate my respect for life.

          Please, examine the following Drawing which embodies a multi-purpose life protecting technology. It simultaneously provides several functions.
* Maintains flying speed upon encountering strong uplift, by autonomously lowering the AoA, momentarily.
* It gives a choice of manual convenient steering control or by weight shift in a range of AoA.
* In towing up, the technology sets up and autonomously maintains optimal and safe AoA, preventing lock-out, overriding pilot's or winch operator's  errors
    regardless of line force direction.
* Angles of attack are physically limited, in a range from penetration to tow.


        Significant advantage - always flying with perfectly flat wing; brakes used only in take-off and landing flare.

    Enjoy !  No more loops,  pulleys and multiple confusion resembling squatters' headquarters. Pure simplicity and safety. 


Technology virtually eliminating onset of collapse.

    The Image shows number of ribs of a paraglider provided with a scoop of light fabric at the leading edge opening. Wing surface removed. Any air stream directed at the leading edge, even by impossibly oblique angle, will be caught and re-directed to interior of the glider, maintaining pressure, preventing wing collapse. At square entry, the scoop will assume flag position. Somebody, please, have mercy.



There is hardly more important quality of a ship than stability. Some highly qualified but deluded Companies decided to handle balance by water tanks, disregarding the fact that water has no power below WL and will cause damage to environment by transporting killer species. Not counting dishonest inspectors and tremendous waste of resources on complex but useless technologies. There are quite a few much smarter stability concepts, but for realisation it would require finding actors with I.Q. above 75 points.

One of my stability devices use simultaneous force of water mass located above WL and buoyant force of air under WL.

The system will function autonomously without requirement of intervention by humans, under any situation, on the way or at anchor. It will mitigate roll, pitch and accelerate natural ship roll frequency so it beats the waves.

It features units of fine shelves accessible by sea and removable from deck for cleaning. Both ballast and buoyancy are cancelled by the ship coming to level. Water volumes are renewed with each roll.

    Although I am very tired by dealing with incompatible creatures my whole life I will give more free details upon request.


    Hearing about the tragedy of two ships sinking and sailors dying I offered to the grieving  Government I will not name a technology positively preventing liquefaction of metal ores. To six Offices filled to brim with Attorneys and bureaucrats tasked with overseeing safety of maritime navigation. 
    SIX TIMES NO REPLY. Pray for me, the families and orphans.  Curse the criminals; the gates of hell surely are wide open for them. 

Examine the drawing. 
    In hold, there are containers suitable for safe estimated volume of the ores. They are arranged, interlock  and  steadied by mechanical spreading consoles  padded with elastic material in order to eliminate any movement during ship roll.
     If the system is standardized and ores processing plant nearby, the containers can be transferred directly there, at tremendous saving in harbour fees. Because of considerable mass of the load located well below the centre of buoyancy, stability of the vessel will increase considerably.

Another stability problem

Positioning of floating structures by anchor system

Sea habitats and other structures, for example pipe-laying ships need to have a means of stabilization which is autonomous and self-correcting, preferable by action of the same waves which de-stabilize it.

Following is a diagram of such system. People in the Nord Stream 2, pay attention. The image shows a mirror half of the systemís view.

There is number of anchors along the hull and service vessel which task is to sequentially, like legs of a caterpillar, transfer the individual anchors forward. This will insure continuous stabilization. By winding the drums, having regard to the tension meters, enables fine-tuning the system.

As a wave impacts the windward side of the hull, the anchor line pulls, lifts ballast acting by its inertia, hydrodynamic drag and increased leverage of taught line to force any change in position of the hull back.









Rules I have made for myself which support sustainability requirements missing in most contemporary designs of energy converters.


Minimal engineering

Minimal steel 

Direct 1 step conversion

Autonomous protection from extreme sea states

Members are light, short, in shape capable of reacting to smallest wave activity

Non-interference with marine life, traffic and recreation

No underwater structures

No far off-shore installations

Exploiting both waves and tides

Extracting energy from all directions

       May apply differently depending on design class


    Each week two ships sink, sailors perish. This does not seem to disturb authorities. They dutifully compile  statistics, issue advisories and attend seminars in exotic locales. They do not hear cries of the orphans and widows. I hear them.

    Technologies I.P. and cooperation offered:

    Ship stability technologies applicable to any size of vessel, mono-hulls and multihulls. autonomous, no sensors, computers, servo-mechanisms. Not affected by human error, solid state. Applies simultaneously and in real-time both ballast and buoyancy.  This results in mitigation of roll and prevention of  accumulated parametric roll- the most deadly phenomenon.

    Ocean wave propulsion, as main or auxiliary. Solid state, many variations for any kind of vessel. It will save the ship and mariners in case of loss of means of navigation under extreme sea states.  Also for autonomous platforms, no time limitation, beach-able, no need for support vessel. The energy of waves provides propulsion, navigation and communication. 

 Group of technologies and methods for next generation of transportation of oil and cargoes by autonomous and radically new

 methods, inconvertible. 


    Method of preventing shifting of liquefied cargo. Saving many lives.

    Stability of floating structures and accommodation vessels. Autonomous.

    Wind propulsion of n-th kind. Increase in efficiency by hundreds of per cent.

    Converter of wind to electric power. No towers, no wasting valuable real estate, no noise, minimal maintenance on ground, no killing birds and annoying cows. Highest efficiency.

    Ocean Wave converters of various kinds. No underwater structure. Full power exploitation reardless of tide and wave intensity. No disturbance to marine life, traffic and enjoyment of sea.

    "Propeller to end all propellers"; does not make any sound, cavitations or singing. Does not harm humans and sea creatures, cannot be sabotaged by nets and ropes. No more whale strikes. Finally a total stealth.

    Removal or dramatic reduction in bow wave and wake, significant decrease in drag, saving fuel. Stealth.

    Partial conversion of unavoidable hull turbulence to thrust.


    Too many fatal accidents happen while towing up a paraglider. The main culprit is uncontrolled high angle of attack near ground. I offer a simple method where a safe angle of attack is fixed and maintained during entire towing sequence. It overrides possible pilot or winch operator errors.

    More original and surprising methods and technologies of paraglider ascent.

    Method of eliminating ridges on paraglider wing, substantial source of drag preventing increase of glide ratio closer to fixed wing.


    Mitigation of seismic waves, in all directions, while monitoring, continuously correcting vertical orientation of building regardless of uneven liquefaction of ground .

    Problem solving for hire.


       Some older technologies


                                                        Disclosure to Public Domain

This invention relates to


Many technologies were tried using energy of ocean waves for marine propulsion. Their low rate of success were consequences of ignoring basic mechanics; wrong place of attachment of the propulsive surfaces to the hull which produced thrust only in limited set of relations between the hull and wave pattern. In cases of large wave where the whole ship is on the slope of the wave, strangely, there may be no thrust produced at all. Propulsive surfaces were rigid and wide; they could not extract propulsive energy from smaller waves above losses. Affixing the propulsive surfaces to bow or stern magnifies pitch of the vessel while limiting their efficiency.

I HAVE FOUND that by attaching levers with a pontoon at their rear ends and propulsive surfaces joined with their levers to the midship where they are hinged, such location affording maximal stability, the propulsive apparatusí efficiency further enhanced by steadying ballast rigidly connected to the body of the hinges but not to the hull and in conjunction with the propulsive assembly remote location which favourably intensifies instead of reducing influence of the hull motions  free and non-polluting energy is created. The ballast serves for both the propulsion array and roll stability of the vessel itself.

In Drawing illustrating embodiments of the invention Figure 1 is the apparatus rendered in perspective view, hinges on one side exploded to show interior.

        Improvement in efficiency of the apparatus in comparison to existing technologies is due to four principles and innovations:

a) anchoring and hinging the ends of levers to the most stable point, the midship, which emphasizes difference between relatively unmovable point of anchorage and the larger motion of the different portion of the wave which the pontoons and the propulsive surfaces are exposed to,

b) the manner of cross-linking the lever ends at the point of anchorage which, by simple variation of distances from fulcrums, their pivoting points, increases speed and magnitude of the propulsive surfaces'  motion in relation to the pontoons',

c) using a ballast rigidly joined with the bodies of hinges which makes the propulsive system fully independent from the vesselís pitch, based on gravity instead, thereby taking advantage of the full range of the wave motion most noticeable in better exploitation of minimal wave activity.

d) propulsive surfaces made narrow, of flexible material save the leading edges, which insures the minimal drag losses at the point of reversal of flow, thus insures exploitation of low wave activity.

These particulars would be subjects of Claims in a Patent Application.There is no intention to infringe on patented I P;  This technology may be considered as a mere record of my efforts, an intellectual exercise.

The example presented is most suitable for a catamaran.


    Figure 1


                                                                 July 28,2015




                                                                             Disclosure to Public Domain

This invention relates to


Pop-pop boats are favourite toys for children an adults alike and a marvel of solid state technology. Experts invariably insist this low energy system cannot be scaled up because its function depends on cooling of the heated and expelled water stream to create vacuum which draws amount of water back into the boiler for the cycle to repeat itself. Such cooling cannot be done effectively within larger tube diameter, hence the impossibility of scaling up, they say.

I HAVE FOUND that by avoiding the cooling part of the cycle which enables increasing the exhaust tubes diameter and rectifying the thrust-producing flow into one-way it is possible to scale the engine up to a man-size boat.

In Drawing illustrating embodiments of the invention Figure 1 is perspective rendering of twin engine unit with integrated two flash boilers.

The boilers are joined in such a a way that the exhaust tube of one is cross-connected to the intake tube of the next boiler, so during the expulsion a part of the pressure forces an amount of water in the intake tube into its boiler, alternating. This results in virtually continuous cycle with greater efficiency. One-way operation is assured by flexible hoses extending the intake tubes and reaching downwards into area of higher pressure which acts as a one-way valve. The hoses will temporarily deflect upon encountering underwater obstacle. The boilers intake ports are located below water line which insures autonomous feeding. Upper sides of the boilers and the exhaust tubes should be insulated to reduce heat loss.

Ends of the exhaust tubes have Venturi device producing suction to admix water into the steam flow. Heat for the flash boilers is produced by gas by a common method.

It is possible to use one boiler only. In this case the exhaust tube should be extended, lead from end to end within the hull. This will produce increased amount of inertia and so prolong the exhaust period which will allow the intake take place before the exhaust is fully expanded and so affect virtually uninterrupted thrust.

Figure 1


                                                         February 12, 2015



 WHY ?

  "Why you haven't been successful in the technology transfer in the past", is a regular question I must repeatedly answer. 

    Would-be inventors, listen carefully and save yourself a lot of heartache and money!

    It goes like this, a typical illustration.

    An impressive brochure sent to me by a Company in a response to my offer of innovative packaging design possibly worth millions of Dollars. A long list of conditions, one especially endearing. They would, if they choose, pay me up to $ 500. Such generosity moved me to tears. I will frame it in gold.

    An offer addressed to Vice-president is received by his secretary. The buck often stops here. If the boss gets a chance to read it he realises he's only got a Master's in business administration, therefore passes it to his engineering team.

    The guys just brewed their coffee and are annoyed. A bad omen. They take it personally when someone from outside wants to teach them how to develop new products, especially when the company already receives millions in R&D money from the fatherly government (from the taxpayers' pockets). The verdict is predictable, this is not suitable for the company at the present.

    If, by a strange stroke of fortune they like it, it goes next to the legal department where a team of well-paid Attorneys pore over it. It never ever passes this point, I promise.

    To explain the latest phenomenon we must go back some 2,500 years when Lao-tse formulated the wisdom of his time,


"When the State is in disarray

Loyal ministers are born"


    He should have added that they, intrepid, never come to solve the problem, rather create more. Plenty more. To translate this from Chinese to simple English, may I quote myself,


Where there is honesty

Lawyers die of starvation

    Check your yellow pages for the state of art.

July 2, 2003



    I believe knowledge and intellectual property are greatly overrated. There is certain cowardice in claiming credit for achievements  caused mainly by the fact that one was born earlier and certain justified resentment by the following generations for having  wind taken off their sails.

January 28, 2007


An Inventor Delivers State of Disunion Address

    Ladies and gentlemen, dear citizens;
    We beget, raise and cherish children, devote to them long years of sacrifices and resources.. We respect all children, not just our own
    We do not say onto them, "you exploit us, want advantages without giving us anything in return". To mention profit in front of children would be morally repugnant. We understand they are the future parents, creators of values, protectors of society.
    Yet, when we meet an inventor we employ different philosophy. We forget that he was born to create, deliver immediate and recurring benefits to us. We perform the same despicable and cowardly acts as an aggressor planning to start a war. We de-humanize, lie, vilify. It is easy then to accuse him of self-interest and greed in order to justify our blackmailing and treating him as less than human. Only those incorporated, endowed with phony artificial body are to be treated with respect.
    Ladies and gentlemen, to treat an inventor differently than a gifted child is morally repugnant; societies following such practice are morally deficient.
    Thank you for your attention.




October 4,  2010


   Scanners are never failing source of  disappointment. Companies leave out contact address because they obviously feel guilty.

   If I worked for the company, as a floor sweeper, I would press for appointment with the C.E.O. to discuss important intellectual property.

    I would tell the boss:

    Sir, I would like to know how much trouble it would be to make the edges the scanner glass beveled, sticking fraction above the frame, since large than A-4 sizes exist that need to be scanned and also provide one extra panoramic scan option allowing the same setting for series of scans so the sections could be stitched up perfectly.

    Second question; why do you hire incompetent designers which exclude such inexpensive and desirable feature from your scanners, to detriment of the Company's fortune?

    The answers will depend on I.Q. of the C.E.O. I would not hold my hopes too high.

    October 5, 2010





    The Patent Office, supposing they have some human quality, cannot refuse to examine claims just because they "look like"  perpetual motion device, they must examine it to find whether it functions or not. They naturally refuse granting patent for false claims, but MUST grant Patent on a device which fits definition of patentable devices, regardless of their opinions and consensus about certain laws of physics. It seems we are not that far from the Dark Ages, the only progress being abandoning the custom of burning at stake those who disagree. 

    We must have some compassion for the guys, since the Laws of Thermodynamics they choose to refer to was never scientifically proven; they are  pitifully constrained.

July 27, 2011




Append to Encyclopedic Dictionary:


provisional Patent application;  self-inflicted blackmail

August 21, 2011


peer review; a case of blind leading the blind in reverse.

A thousand peers may be wrong and they sometimes are; remember the Flat Earth? One among them originally correct who submits himself to peer review is ultra-stupid.


October 6. 1011

Show & Tell, My Inventions Hiding in a Drawer - VERY OLD STUFF

     A select list of my unpatented inventions, in various stages of completion.              


AIR COMPRESSOR, noiseless, frictionless,

STATIC MIXER CYLINDER, stepless adjustment, easy to clean/disposable.

MANUAL HOIST, one hand operation.

AUTOMATIC BALANCING, for centrifuges, washing machines.

Tools, Instruments, Hardware

PUNCH MARKERS BOX, easy access to individual punches, better productivity

VIBRATION DAMPENING SYSTEM, for turntables, cameras, instruments.

TROWEL, for overhead work.

HOSE CLAMP, slim, adjustable from any angle, quick release.

RETAINING RING, easier installation, removal.

HELI-COIL THREAD INSERT, easier installation and change.

BORING HEAD, for conical bores.

Household, Baby, Health Products

ICE CUBE TRAY, self-releasing, dispenses cubes precisely one by one.

TOILET BOWL CLEANER, cleans better with less chemical and pollution.

TOILET FLUSHING DEVICE, independent, manual, using fraction of water.

TOILET PLUNGER, keeps contents positively in the bowl, no need to take shower.

MEASURING CUP, measures amounts poured out.

BABY HARNESS, baby free to turn in any direction, not entangled.

BABY WASHING IMPLEMENT, uses absolutely minimal water, leaves both hands free.

SAFE NURSING COT, MOBILE BED, baby next to mother, yet safe .

EYEGLASSES FRAME, accommodating and converging.

INTRAOCULAR LENS IMPLANT, focused from outside`

DUST PAN, collects dust and liquid on irregular surface, does not spill.

HAMMOCK, child-safe, with luxuries.

RUBBER CONDOM, increased protection, sterility, better packaging and application.

CONTRACEPTIVE VALVE, reversible, to replace vasectomy. (expired patent)

MANUAL WHEELCHAIR, ergonomic system of powering, adjusts to individual's disability.

RODENT EXTERMINATION SYSTEM, large scale, automatic.

FURNITURE, chair, table device for automatic elimination of wobbling.

BED MAKING AID, for  quick changing of bedsheets.

QUICK CLOTHES DRYING, several devices.

WASHING MACHINE, without propeller, saves fabric, very effective.

MANUAL LAUNDRY IMPLEMENT, saves hands, fabric.

BABY TEETHER, with dual purpose.

TABLEWARE and PICNIC SET, keeps bugs, ants out.


UNIVERSAL SAFETY PIN, for baby. Holds any size of diaper, fitting perfectly.

Textile Equipment, Fashions

SEWING MACHINE, hand-held, without base and counter-support. Very new technology.

GARTER BELT, improved looks and function.

TROUSERS FOR MEN, more comfort, fashionable.

ZIPPER KEEPER, keeps zipper positively locked.

WATCH DIAL, universal for travelers, no adjustment needed for zones, fashionable.

Automotive Design and Safety


POWER TRAIN SYSTEM, one-lever operation, eliminates most parts, better traction.

NIGHT DRIVING DEVICE, eliminates blinding beams of incoming traffic.

ROTARY ENGINE, with continuous combustion, no reciprocal or planetary movement.

MOTORCYCLE TRAILER TAXICAB, longer life span, nimble, more convenient travel than in the traditional sidecar.

School, Office, Art, Advertising

CONTE STICK AND DRAWING PENCIL HOLDER, more expressive, cleaner.

FOUNTAIN PEN, retracts automatically to protect nib when falling.

PAN FLUTE, capable of playing chords.

FILING CABINET, access for disabled, larger capacity.

BALL POINT PEN, ergonomic grip, better writing angle.

PAINT CAN PROTECTOR, no more cleaning can rim and floor after paint job.

UNIVERSAL SUN DIAL, no moving parts to  adjust.

Building, Construction

SIDING SECTIONS, individually replaceable.

CHIPBOARD, self-supporting, insulating, saves 4x2's.

SPACE STATION MODULES, store easily, assemble semi-automatically in the space.

ROAD MARKER, permanent, audible, reflective.

Personal, Environment Protection, Firefighting

OIL SPILL RECOVERY SYSTEM, separates oil on spot, adjusts to agitated water.

TSUNAMI SURVIVAL SHELTER. communal, personal.


LOCATING SYSTEM for missing persons and articles , non-electronic

PARACHUTE , for quick deployment, with increased aerodynamic efficiency.


OIL WELL FIRE EXTINGUISHING EQUIPMENT, stops fire, opens for business quickly.

EARTHQUAKE MITIGATING SYSTEM, protects buildings from large magnitude quakes.

Personal Safety, VIP and Property Protection

MASS EVACUATION SYSTEMS, for high rise buildings

LIFESAVER, picks up disabled swimmer on distance, automatically.

SURVIVAL SUIT, with ventilation and heating powered by ocean waves/human power.

BOAT STABILISER, prevents high speed boats from flipping over.

SHOCK ABSORBING DEVICE, for climbers, construction workers; breaks fall.

FATIGUE FUSE, signals beginning of structural failure, e.g. attachment of jet engines.

STORE CLERK PROTECTION, in case of robbery.

Alternative Energy

SEA-WAVE EL. POWER GENERATOR, self-contained, based on OWC principle.

WIND POWER EL. POWER GENERATOR, mobile, without expensive tower, suitable in 

    combination with gas-powered generator, to be switched in no-wind condition.

SOLAR STOVE, powerful, lightweight for expeditions, cooks for whole group.

DWE (Pulse Jet) new valve system, no breakage and burning. (NASA spent $ 7.5 Million on R&D).   Automatically switches to valveless, RAM


OUTBOARD SAIL CONTROL SYSTEM, for water sports, revival of sail power for commerce.

OARS, new concept, much increased efficiency.

SEA-WAVE PROPULSION SYSTEM, uses energy of sea waves to power vessels.

SWIMMING FINS, lightweight, collapsible, especially suitable for lifeguards.

ASCENT / DESCENT SAFETY CONTROL, automatically brakes when buoyancy changes fast.

INCOMPRESSIBLE MATERIAL FOR WETSUITS, protects better at depth, stable buoyancy.

AUTOMATIC CO2 INFLATOR, floats automatically unconscious skin diver, signals for help.

POSITIVE HARNESS, keeps air tank in place,  lets go in emergency.

NOSE CLIP FOR SWIMMERS, more comfortable, adjustable pressure.

Sports, Toys


POWER TRAIN, for scooters, monocycles, etc.

RUNNING SHOES SOLE, re-directs energy for better efficiency.

SOFT DRINK BOTTLE with construction capability, building playhouses, walls, towers.

BICYCLE SEAT, ergonomic for long rides, adjusts to the rider's movements.

TRAINING DEVICE FOR SWIMMERS, at home, no need to travel to a pool.

BOW, super-compact, mechanically released, new concept. Not a cross-bow.

OPEN SIGHTS FOR SPORT FIREARMS, for low light conditions, imperfect vision.

FLIGHT INSTRUMENT, indicates glide angle and wind direction for precision landing.

PARACHUTE, for fast and safe deployment in combat.


Photographic Equipment

EVACUATION BOTTLE, to prevent oxidation of chemicals.

UMBRELLA LIGHT, for narrow studios, lights more evenly.

DISPENSING ENVELOPE, releases papers one by one, right side up.

COMPOSING FLASH. compensates different luminosity and distance in parts of the scene.


CAMCORDER CONSOLE, hand-held, one arm sufficient, smooth vertical range from 0.2 to 2.2 m, stable, same quality as in $ 200,000 setup.

3-DIMENSIONAL IMAGES AND MOVIES, make and view, home-made or commercial, for    computer, TV, magazines.





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