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Poetry  Lyrics  Debut


A Reluctant Diary



Clothes are a mask

My dear


And comical

Don't hide your face


You are full of beauty




Aktaion poor Aktaion

Torn to death by his own hounds

On command of angry Artemis

For no mortal may see

A goddess bathing


Of thousand times worse death

I am condemned to perish 

When your hand 

Beckons the ancient times




Following trajectory of Expectation

Landed my spaceship 

Forged from Desire

Into your Tranquility Sea

And with a surprise I saw

The Mount Revelation

And Certainty Valley

With Pleasure Falls 

And all the features 

I used to look at

Through the telescope 

As a schoolboy





From goddess of love

The fastest arrow

Brought in the message

That couldn't wait


In secret hour

Without a sword

Come to my fiery gate

To worship

And drink the wine of truth

Attend the ancient rite


Come and behold

Entire world

Lay at my feet





To enter the gates of Nirvana

One Buddha-key shall I possess

In your arms

Thoughts of Eternity

Cannot tarnish the skies

In your arms

Wheel of Karma suspends its run


I'd like to learn the art of living

And not taking a breath

As the mysterious Female

Who advances without stirring

Yields without losing battle




I miss you, my love

Your sunny beaches at Montego Bay

Beaches at dusk

My secret hideaway


I miss the warmth of mahogany

Depth of black coral

Your girls finer than satin

Smelling of flowers and herbs

Your valleys and hills of unfathomable peace

With their children wise majestic serene


First breathless now aching you left me




Three-whites and hot mahogany

What a beautiful rhyme

Struck and pitiful I'm

One in a crowd one of many


It's really true that love

Brings out the worst in men

Chaos 'n' pain in heart and then

Regrets 'n' memories 's all I have


Stealing by ancient silky path

Another man a bit more bold

Captures the emerald treasure untold

It's time to write my epitaph




To every shadow

There is a light

Yang - Yin

To every arrow

A willing heart

Virtue - Sin

To every siren's lure

A lone sailor nearby

To every hawk

A magnificent sky


On your mission of mercy

Don't pay attention to road signs

For all roads lead to enlightenment

All roads lead to despair


When you come to the sanctum

Step carefully and barefoot

On the ancient mosaic

Of my soul


November 2 1984



Confession - Lament


Don't turn the other way dear

You'll bring back my non-memories

You're spring in a desert

You're Fata Morgana


Let me carry the sky for you like umbrella

Let me have the birds sing for you

Let me be the lucky spot

Your foot touches first in the morning


Let me plant and harvest you field

Let me forgive all trespasses

Promises let me always keep

Let me be your pelican

Breeze playing with your hair

Your life eternal.


November 6 1984



For one of your smiles

All Emperor's jade and emeralds

For one beat of your heart

Kingdom of mine


How far is the Sun

From my prison cell

How pale are the orchids

Without your breath sublime


You're in my dreams again and again

Laying your gifts upon my parched palm

Though in the morn' your place seems warm

I know I'd call your name in vain


How far is the Sun 

From my prison cell

How pale are the orchids 

Without your breath sublime


January  9  2002



As Earth in perpetual motion

I circle you

My Sun

My gravity

My cosmic law


I am an oak with roots of steel

In your mountain

Stag guarding his does

In deep misty valley

Of dreams




The stars say

This is the last Winter

We must endure

The Spring to come

Promises warmth without end

On a bright mirror

Dust will not settle

Vessel of love

Cannot be emptied

If it is really full

The door-knocks are answered

And virtues sing their own songs

December 24 1984



I've been told that space within

Fulfils the destiny of Grail

Yet what is in and what is out

And what is wrong and what is right

Knowing not - bound am to fail?


January 16 2001



Kibbles and bits

And bits and bits

Virtues and sins

And sins and sins

Praise and the blame

The blame the blame

Moon and the sky

The same the same

January 21 2001



There are crude rhymes

A slap in the face

There are rhymes like mother's arms

There are no rhymes some may think

And other that burn for days


November 9 2001




My most trusted Guru I asked

 Reverend Sir your teaching is clear

I must hold equally dear

A saint beggar or elephant tusk


But if some visitors from distant Cluster

In region of Maybe-love

Ask for a shelter I scarcely have

What about them my Master

What about them?


February 6,2002




With patience of Job I'm scanning the Ether

But no signs of life on bandwidth so cruel

Beam me up, Scotty, I've been a fool

Not on this planet I'm destined to meet her


July 22,  2002





Never the rain falls

On unjust and just alike

It's beautiful dream


(Weather of Spheres)  July 31, 2002



Walking through the Gate

No Master his snow-flakes gone

Memento Mori


( Zen)  August 1, 2002




Is it a fancy

Or lack of proper mane-ers

I am scared to ask


(Lion)  August 2, 2002



Unruly hairdo

Is not a good reason for

Disturbing his pride


(Lion 2)  August 2,  2002



You're treading softly

Oblivious of your kin

Who click-clang click-clang


(Caterpillar)  August 3, 2002



Wonder if you are

Missing the swish of arrow

My buffalo friend



Only your deer friends
See you in midst of forest
I keep the secret

August 4,  2002



Crafty touch of men

Eternal hand of Mother

Which do you prefer?


(Seal)  August 5,  2002



There's lot of glitter

Emeralds and pebbled gold

In mid-summer pond


August 5,  2002





Once Upon A Time There Was A Meeting Of Souls... 


As Prophet is a mouthpiece for the Divine

Poet resounds the message of the Muse not his own




Eyes dark and deep

They oppress me so

When their fires meet

And scorch my trembling soul

Is it fear or love

Or your charming way

That took my defenceless

heart and mind away


What's awaiting me

In the arms of thee

Reveal your eyes clear

My crystal of seers

An ever faithful dove

I'll claim my birthright

Mirage of your love

My life's eternal light


Lyrics make-over for "Ochi Chorniye" Russian Gypsy romance

 December 14, 2002,  March 10, 2003



Even wide ocean

Winds chilling the marrow

Can't stop the clever boy

His bow and arrow

Smile on his angel face

And without sympathy

Quickly released the darts

That wounded you and me


'Cause Galileo got it all wrong

I must keep singing this correction song

It's not the planets turning as due

It is my heart that spins

Because of you


Lyrics for Italian favourite "O Sole Mio"

Belle, be my only Valentine

January 23, 2003



Kalinka Kalinka Kalinka my love

Little strawberry raspberry in orchard

Ah under pine tree under the pine tree

You lay me down to my rest

Ay lyuli lyuli ay lyuli lyuli

You lay me down to my rest


Kalinka Kalinka Kalinka my love

Little strawberry raspberry in orchard

Ah gentle pine needles with your gentle needles

Play dirge above my forlorn head

Ay lyuli lyuli ay lyuli lyuli

Play dirge above my forlorn head


Kalinka Kalinka Kalinka my love

Little strawberry raspberry in orchard

Ah my charming beauty Kalinka don't tease me

Make love to me or I will die

Ay lyuli lyuli ay lyuli lyuli

Without your love I will die


Kalinka Kalinka Kalinka my love

Little strawberry raspberry in orchard


Lyrics for ''Kalinka''  Russian folk song

March 10, 2003



Drawn you have brow unfurrow'd

From your mother's horns of plenty

Peach 'n' cream to cream 'n' peach

Own pillows and delightful dreams


Stars and Moon stand you still

When my two darlings are resting

Precious gifts from above

Bringing heavens to Earth


Please dear Lord will you watch

My eyes are half-shut already

No-one else shall I trust

With such sweet treasure of mine


Stars and Moon ...


You are safe shielded from

The masters of destruction

In-between the sacred mountains

Deep in Paradise of peace


Stars and Moon...


Lyrics for Johannes Brahms' "Lullaby"

March 29, 2003

May 9, 2009


Hello Philippines

Bye Bye Glorified Abyss of North America


Amazing thing happened to me

On landing with Northwest Air

Tired was I but now I'm fresh

'Cause darling Belle was there...


May 11,  2003


Lyrics for Korean "Lavender" series

                                        It is comforting to see there still are some programs left not dealing with murder, rape, opportunism 
                                        and similar indignities. What was the saying about endless repetition?


You play'd this song in big overtime

If tune or lyrics don't quickly change I'm

Going to go insane now

And it's your fault anyhow

Don't let me kiss my brains

My precious brains 



August 12, 2003




Blessed thou a tiny droplet in the Universe

Genesis renewed

Spring forward ring as a fine-fitting verse

Beautiful sweet and good


Prayerful guardians of womb are we

Heavy with the grace

That undeserved is soon to be

Born in a humble place


How can we repay the gift of precious thee

With meager thanks of ours

To Him who brings the life of new eternity

To our open doors


August 25 2003



Come here brats and bring the dough

I have goodies from the land of snow

Pick your flavour don't be late

None is left if you hesitate

Listen to my tune my battle drum

Lick the fine ice cream freeze your bum


(Lyrics for the ubiquitous vendor tune)

August 27, 2003


It's impossible

To pass the rich through needle's eye

And for one who asks to give away

It's impossible

For the exalted to become humble

In a rain to light a fire

It's impossible

To foster fears and really love

To hold a grudge and be forgiven

It's impossible

To stop my heart from racing wild

When I see you coming near me

It's impossible


September 19 2003



In a kingdom not too far

Little bit off centre

Where mountains dream in a mist

Maidens clad in silk and jade

Just wrinkle their noses

'N' patiently wait to be kissed

Where Sages left their footprints in stone

And Panda bear in bamboo grove

Is making his cozy home

A shadow looms on horizon


Many a man apprentice

Clamor to be enlisted

In army of Elvis Presleys



(The same in prescribed 'haiku' form)


Strange gods won't bless yield

Better to wipe sweat profuse

On your father's field


September 26 2003



Relevant Nursery Rhymes


Little Ram little Ram

Have you soiled your bum

Many times many times

And then some


Six times in the morning

Twelve times afternoon

My bum is dry only

Once in a blue moon


April 15, 2004


Beatles: Michelle (Reborn)


Giselle - gazelle swift and lanky

Keeps on leaping to hearts conquest

Giselle - gazelle under which lucky skies 

Will she come to her rest


With breath short and skipping my heartbeat

This' no more lovers' game

No wizard on the Earth

Can hope to find the magic that will this gazelle tame


With breath short and skipping my heartbeat

Senses in disarray

But she is indif'rent

And goes on dancing leaping prancing always having her way

Giselle - gazelle


With breath short and skipping my heartbeat

I pray the day soon come

That she would find the pasture 

Perfect in the corral of my ever aching arms

In a wake and in a sleep

I drown in the gazelle's eyes deep

Gazelle Giselle


May 16 2005



Portrait of a "TRAPO"

(traditional politician)


Yakity yak very loud

Cinky cink in Swiss account

Having a ball on public expense

To the poor voter making no sense


September 13, 2006





Girl, you're so beautiful

Come with me to network

I'll make you into starlet

Rich and famous bitch


Come with me to network

Throw demure and proper

I'll make you into starlet 
On my dirty show...


Lyrics to the unforgettable Monti's czardas 

August 11, 2008



                            In some cultures deception starts at the kindergarten level. 

                        Here is an example of unmodified truth.


Baa baa black sheep

Have you any wool

Yes sir, yes sir

Ten bags full


One for my master

One for my dame

Eight for the Bribernment

Who live down the lane.


September 12, 2008




My lines for Nana Mouskouri's favourite

Ag'in and ag'in


Posters are up posters are up

Sun is out Sun is out

Posters are down new crooks are in

Sun is up and cries ag'in...



Not the same mistake

My lyrics for the Largo, New World Symphony, Antonín Dvořák


Philippines celebrate

Now that the Phoney's gone

Hopefully for ever

From Malacańang


Senator Senator

Will you pick the reins

Teach us how 

Not to make 

The same mistake again



April 30, 2010




                                                   Rare concert I had a chance to watch yesterday which I did not expect. Was it an allusion 

                                                  to renaissance in arts to come - or just a flashback to the old golden  years?



Quando Quando Qua-an-do


I didn't ask when she'll be mine

By herself she came frauline

Although finding mine is 'klein'

She insisted she be mine


 If the 'mine' is really klein

Why the frauleins fall in line

What after the frauleins pine

Bottle o' wine 

Or love divine


March 14, 2011



        One much loved tune  known as 'Rosamunde-polka' or 'Roll out the Barrel"' vas composed by Czech musician Jaromír Vejvoda in 1934.

    Here are my English lyrics more closely matching the original, "I regret the love I gave to you".




Long gone is love

Cold are the memories of kiss

Rivers of tears

Have married the salt of the seas

Regrets I have

His picture I've thrown over stern

Only hair of silver grace me

Standing under our lantern


September 13 2012


    Our 3rd grader asked us for help with "partner song". Never heard, it must be something invented by the same people who changed perfectly good directories to folders as a training for the 'new world order'. What a mentality. Among civilised people it always will be called "duet".

    My best favoured are Barbara Streisand with Neil Diamond, " You don't bring me flowers" and  Luciano Pavarotti with Celine Dion, "I hate you, then I love You".

November 06, 2012


Conversion of Desperado

after folk song from The Bandit of Brazil 1953 movie - Lace woman, teach me how to make laces


Ole cangaceiro

Ole bellissima

Be my queen of fire - reigna

I will give you heart of mine

Be my queen of fire - reigna 

I will give you heart of mine


In rio wide my anger and my guns I cast

For every silver bullet daughter or son I ask

"Ole mulher rendeira

Ole mulher renda"
In rio wide my anger and my guns I cast

For every silver bullet daughter or son I ask


Ole cangaceiro

Ole bellissima

Be my queen of fire - reigna

I will give you heart of mine


November 22, 2012



Destiny of a drone 2020  




In a dream I stole kiss off your shoulder

So ambiguous

So magnetic

So forbidden

Will you choose for me the last meal 

Before execution





No mont can stop my amoured train

Foes retreat in swine-trott

Fling over the Planet’s cliffs

Shredded by hoofs of thousands wild horses
You are mine






Top secret


What I will do to you

When the lock button clicks

Fluttering candle begs to be witness

May I confide 
To my italic nib





Why not

 I must thank the Lord

For misfortunes

Since those He loves  

He visits with the Cross 

Since you hate me Dear Lord

Why not  
Send a beautiful girl to my arms 

This morning




                                            My latest love is 'Talyanochka' folk song. Russian language is so poetic. 
                                Here is my feeble attempt at English
 sense of the last stanza:


On the wings of Amour
From her pillow
to snow-pillowed battlefield

Urgent letter arrived

I want you back now

Not a Medal




Beautiful performance I watched on YouTube of "Besame Mucho". 

Could not resist to write a version for the afflicted.


Kiss me
Kiss me many
Let the Earth split at the Equator
Let rivers reverse their run
Soft knee hard knee hard knee soft knee 
Never must drift apart
Kiss me
Kiss me many
I fear  Prince of Darkness will conspire against us
Kiss me
Kiss me many



Have not passed

In foyer I met the Lord
I have trouble assigning you to a Department
He told me
According to records
You have suffered above norms
Yet I do not see any signs of worship

You have made me that way
Dear Lord
Not to do useless things
For Useless is next to Evil
Point-on Dishonest

How could I worship One
Whose countenance I cannot see
I must not elevate my sight
 Above  your sandals' shadow 
Blessing the Earth

Said the Lord
I might exercise my executive power of clemency
But you have not passed the Grade
And must repeat it


For once

For once 
If I could lull to sleep 
To love song of long-fetch waves 
Pounding upon your bounce-promontories 
For once 
Single mind regarded my dreams 

Falling  falling featherless from ancestral nest 
For once 
If I could lull to sleep under mother's wing 
For once 
Feel pounding of her heart
For once







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