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Thirty and Some


From goddess of love
The fastest arrow brought in the message that couldn't wait
In secret hour
Without a sword come to my fiery gate
To worship
Drink the wine of truth attend the ancient rite
Come and behold
Entire world lay at my feet tonight 



To enter the gates of Nirvana
One Buddha-key shall I possess
In your arms
Thoughts of eternity cannot tarnish the skies
In your arms wheel of Karma suspends its run

I'd like to learn the art of living and not taking a breath
As the mysterious Female
"Who advances without stirring yields without losing battle"



I miss you my love
Your sunny beaches at Montego Bay
Beaches at dusk
My secret hideaway
I miss the warmth of mahogany depth of black coral
Your girls finer than satin smelling of flowers and herbs
Your valleys and hills of unfathomable peace
With their children wise majestic serene 

First breathless now aching you left me



Three-whites and hot mahogany
What a beautiful rhyme
Struck and pitiful I'm
One in a crowd one of many

It's really true that love
Brings out the worst in men
Chaos 'n' pain in heart and then
Regrets 'n' memories 's all I have

Stealing by ancient silky path
Another man a bit more bold
Captures the emerald treasure untold
It's time to write my epitaph



To every shadow there is a light
Yang - Yin
To every arrow a willing heart
Virtue - Sin
To every siren's lure lone sailor nearby
To every hawk magnificent sky

On your mission of mercy don't pay attention to road signs
For all roads lead to enlightenment
All roads lead to despair
When you come to the sanctum step carefully and barefoot 
On the ancient mosaic of my soul

Confession - Lament 

Don't turn the other way dear you'll bring back my non-memories
You're spring in a desert you're Fata Morgana
Let me carry the sky for you like umbrella
Let me have the birds sing for you
Let me be the lucky spot your foot touches first in the morning

Let me plant and harvest you field
Let me forgive all trespasses promises let me always keep
Let me be your pelican breeze playing with your hair
Your life eternal


For one of your smiles all Emperor's jade and emeralds
For one beat of your heart kingdom of mine
How far is the Sun from my prison cell
How pale are the orchids without your breath sublime

You're in my dreams again and again
Laying your gifts upon my parched palm
Though in the morn' your place seems warm
I know I'd call your name in vain

How far is the Sun from my prison cell
How pale are the orchids without your breath sublime



I've been told that space within
Fulfils the destiny of Grail
Yet what is in and what is out
And what is wrong and what is right
Knowing not - bound am to fail ?


My most trusted Guru I asked
Reverend Sir your teaching is clear
I must hold equally dear
A saint beggar or elephant tusk

But if some visitors from distant Cluster
In region of Maybe-love
Ask for a shelter I scarcely have
What about them my Master

What about them


With patience of Job I'm scanning the Ether
But no signs of life on bandwidth so cruel
"Beam me up, Scotty" I've been a fool
Not on this planet I'm destined to meet her


For "O Sole Mio"

Even wide ocean winds chilling the marrow
Can't stop the clever boy his bow and arrow
Smile on his angel-face and without sympathy
Quickly released the darts that wounded you and me

'Cause Galileo got it all wrong
I must keep singing this correcting song
It's not the planets turning as due
It is my heart that spins
Because of you


For Johannes Brahms' "Lullaby"

Drawn you have brow unfurrow'd
From your mother's horns of plenty
Peach 'n' cream to cream 'n' peach
Own pillows and delightful dreams

Stars and Moon stand you still
When my two darlings are resting
Precious gifts from above
Bringing heavens to Earth

Please dear Lord will you watch
My eyes are half-shut already
No-one else shall I trust
With such sweet treasure of mine

Stars and Moon ...

You are safe shielded from
The masters of destruction
In-between the sacred mountains
Deep in Paradise of peace

Bye Bye Abyss

Amazing thing happened to me
On landing with Northwest Air
Tired was I but now I'm fresh
'Cause darling Belle was there

Brother or Sister

Blessed thou a tiny droplet in the Universe
Genesis renewed
Spring forward ring as a fine-fitting verse
Beautiful sweet and good

Prayerful guardians of womb are we
Heavy with the grace
That undeserved is soon to be
Born in a humble place

How can we repay the gift of precious thee
With meagre thanks of ours
To Him who brings the life of new eternity
To our open doors


Certainly not possible

To pass the rich through needle's eye
And for one who asks to give away
For the exalted to become humble
In a rain to light a fire
To foster fears and really love
To hold a grudge and be forgiven
To stop my heart from racing wild
When I see you coming near me



In a kingdom not too far
Little bit off centre
Where mountains dream in a mist
Maidens clad in silk and jade
Just wrinkle their noses 'n' patiently wait to be kissed
Where Sages left their footprints in stone
Panda bear in bamboo grove is making his cozy home
A shadow looms on horizon

Many a man apprentice
Clamour to enlist in army of Elvis Presley’s

(In 'haiku' form)

Strange gods won't bless yield
Better to wipe sweat profuse
On your father's field


Possibly For Michelle

Giselle - gazelle
Swift and lanky keeps on leaping to hearts conquests
Giselle - gazelle under which lucky skies
Will she come to her rest

With breath short and skipping my heartbeat
This' no more lovers' game
No wizard on the Earth
Can hope to find the magic that will this gazelle tame

With breath short and skipping my heartbeat senses in disarray
But she is indif‘rent
And goes on dancing leaping prancing always having her way
Giselle - gazelle

With breath short and skipping my heartbeat I pray the day soon come
That she would find the pasture
Perfect in the corral of my ever aching arms
In a wake and in the sleep I drown in the gazelle's eyes deep
Gazelle Giselle


I regret the love I gave to you 

Long gone is love
Cold are the memories of kiss
Rivers of tears have married the salt of the seas
Regrets I have
His picture I've thrown over stern
Only hair of silver grace me
"Standing under our lantern"




Lace Woman and Desperado

Ole cangaceiro ole bellissima
Be my queen-of-fire Reigna
I will give you heart of mine
 Be my queen-of-fire Reigna
I will give you heart of mine

In Rio wide my anger and my guns I cast
For every silver bullet daughter or son I ask

"Ole mulher rendeira ole mulher renda
To me ensina a fazer renda
Que eu te ensio a namora"

In Rio wide my anger and my guns I cast
For every silver bullet daughter or son I ask

Ole cangaceiro ole bellissima
Be my queen-of-fire Reigna
I will give you heart of mine



 I treasure your verses in ambitious hand
Urn with your ashes
They came gently gently you departed
No more knuckles worn to bone begging for love
No more pain and blame games
You're in His arms now
Soothing secure

Rhymes Times 

Ever-bolder Contemporaries
Ignore what long is known
Regardless how hard you squeeze
You can't draw blood from stone


The Crumbs 

'Till the path is beaten deep
I mark it with crumbs of myself
From here to your cave
Stalactite and stalagmite bedecked
Young and Yin one giving one receiving
Beaten deep
From here to eternity




In a dream I stole kiss off your shoulder
So ambiguous so magnetic
So criminal

My last pleasure before gallows must be
Salt off your shoulder


No Mont can stop my Amour-ed train
Foes retreat in swine-trot
Fling over the Planet’s cliffs
Shredded by hooves of thousands wild horses

You are mine

Why not

Every morning
I must thank the Lord for misfortunes
With the Cross He visits those He loves

With the Cross you visit those you love
Why not send to my arms
Beautiful girl every morning



Small table rendezvous

Kiss me many
Let rivers reverse their run
Let the Earth split at the Equator
Hard knee soft knee soft knee hard knee never must drift apart

Kiss kiss me many
I fear Prince of Darkness will conspire against us
Kiss Kiss me many



I’ll be your Voronoy
Carry you over meadows Continents Galaxies
Do away with saddle I must own your heat
Follow whims of your thighs
Your Loshad’
Speak thousand and one sweet lies
‘Till the Third Fate cuts my thread

In life's loom you are warp and I your weft
Weaving white for your wedding gown
Someone else will crumple



For once if I could lull to sleep
By duet of long-fetch waves with your bounce-montories
For once Single Mind regarded my dreams

Falling falling featherless from ancestral nest
For once if I could lull to sleep under mother's wing
For once feel pounding of her heart

For once




There is no tolerance
Just different shades of prejudice
There is no democracy
Just different shades of terror
There is no religion
Just different shades of confusion
There are no poets
Just different shades of political whores
There are no humans
Just different shades of businessmen
There are no businessmen
Just different shades of hyenas


C. E. O.

As far as I remember dear Sir
Humans were allowed to come to rescue of drowning
Now in solid concrete
Without subscribing to Twatters Twooters Spiders Scorpions




Seguidilla Manzanilla

    In my military service I was stationed near Hungarian border; the town was overflowing with beautiful Gypsy girls. This makes me a sort of expert.
    When we were singing, marching through the town we did not dare glance sideways, a terrible accident would happen in an army out of control. All the beauties were in the windows, their attributes displayed on window sills.
      I play incessantly beautiful recording of a part of Opera Carmen, called SEGUIDILLA. The role of Miss Carmencita is immortalized by Greek Diva Agnes Baltsa, in her younger years. How fitting - Greeks invented Tragedy.
     Anyone next to a beautiful Gypsy female understands the young soldier ending in gallows for murder and desertion. It is expected.
      Afterwards, working for a Company based at rear of apartment building I discovered there a stunning Gypsy girl I wanted to have as a model for painting. Her younger sister said, let’s go for a beer, then we talk to Baré.
   What time, she asked.
   I finish work at 3 o’clock . When she asked for third time "when" I realized she wanted me to point to a location on sky - "when the Sun is over there". So cute, so disarming.   
    Life is full of surprises; one cannot be expert in everything...

Near ramparts of Maynille
Manzanilla-drunk we’ll dance
Deep lovers in shallow pond
Escape impossibille

Manzanilla-drunk we’ll dance near ramparts of Maynille
How possibille !!!


In Case 

In case whole world you want to know sing mothers’ tunes 
Soft never forgotten
Brutally remembered
Rarely transliterated
For all mothers’ tongues all sons understand





It was quiet today
None in my Company got killed
Still our souls are never quieten'd
On the wings of Devil one may come
Mixing this ink with my blood

Pray for me
Pray for my enemy
I cannot bear the thought of his children
Staring at the coffin and honour guards

                                                              Hugs and kisses



Mother Spyie

On pilgrimage to a German town
I met a man clothed in mystery
Managed to compliment How do you do
Only once

Then State Security



Dances created equal ?

    Finally I got to find a couple of videos of Flamenco dances. Incredible culture, killer guitars.  

I wonder how many among the male audience would love the chance of having date with some of the ladies. They seem so aggressive; you can see violence in the moves, scary. Even in the quietest moment one is tense, expecting next deadly strike.

However, the dancers may see it differently. They may be saying, guys, I exercise to be beautiful for you. Afterwards, I will be very tired, vulnerable, possibly confused. Then there will be your chance to comfort me.

All depends on approach.

Sages or not


                    You can trust the Ancients,  Tibetan Dhammapada

"If, on the journey of life
One cannot meet a companion better
Or at least equal
Let him cheerfully travel alone
For a fool cannot help him"

    I watched an interview with a newlywed daughter who received a following advice from her  Mother actress: "If you suspect your husband of hanky-panky, above all do not ask questions to which you would not like the answers".

  During my travels I found  Mothers fail to prepare their daughters for life. If I had a daughter I could give her more comprehensive advice:

Following simple Law of Gravity
Wild streams from mountains find peace
Forever joining the mother Ocean

By simple law of Nature
Peace in marriage can be had
In two steps
First, silence ...                 
Sinners seek Absolution
Church says all sins can be forgiven 
Except sins against the Holy Spirit

In a marriage all sins can be forgiven
Except the sin of indifference


One who is looking for truthful news
Must ask first a question

Is it possible that Media would lie
If it is Possible it is Certain



How one becomes a Poet 


Well rehearsed are the travails

The Muse has a crush on you
Mercifully she lets you tease her
Then succumbing to her own Law

The Law is severe


Sushi view

Between the relaxed and perked

How can I reach you
Panes intact



You're treading softly
Oblivious of your kin
Who click-clang click-clang


For Taras Schevchenko

Vitre Zliye unforgiving
You’ve swept crannies and secret places
Touched them all
Please tell me I must know
Where my beloved is

If he walks among scorpions
I ought to get stung
Dwelling with the sages
I be the wisest
Tell me

You masters of shivers
Tell me  where my beloved is
If he drowned in the sea
I will scour bottoms of oceans to join him
Please Vitre Zliye I must know



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