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Dogs Die Earlier They Love More


Some cleverlings say

There is no place for creatures in Paradise

They confused 
Must be Hell





    CURRICULUM VITAE     Oldrich Nos

Born 15 October 1934, Brno, Czech Republic.

Immigrated to Canada 1968, naturalized Canadian citizen 1974. Married, with permanent resident status in the Philippines, 4 children. 


Recognised as Grade 10 

Trade School, Maschinenschlosser licence ( Industrial Millwright ). 

McMaster University, courses in Psychology, Sociology, World Religions. 

Tool & Die Maker,  Ontario permanent licence # 121437. 

Military- sponsored Aircraft Mechanic Course. 


Kralovopolska Strojirna, Brno, apprenticeship, Machine Tool Repairman, 4 years 

Military Service, compulsory. Commissioned, Air Force Mechanic, Sergeant, 4 years. 

Drukov Brno, Czech Republic. Hard chromium plating of dies, complicated cavities, designing and making fixtures, anodes, Plant Manager. 10 years.

Karl Zizala, Metalwarenfabriken, Berging 9 bei Shoenbuhel a.d.Donau, Austria. Setting up, operating Vertical Multi-slide die machine. 3 months. 

Neo Company, Mead Ave. Hamilton,Ont. Hard Chromium Plater, 2 years. 

Barber Die Casting Co., Hamilton, Ont. Maintaining and repairing metal cast. dies. 1 year. 

Chromo Industrial, Monterrey,N.L.,.Mexico. Technic, Hard Chromium, 3 months. 

Canadian Porcelain, Hamilton, Ont. Master Mould Maker, making patterns and production start-ups for porcelain products. 3 years.

Wentworth Mould & Die, Hamilton, Tool & Die Maker, Repairs and Modifications. 24 years, retired. 


Native Czech; fluent English; dormant German, Russian. 


Handwriting Analysis, Highland Secondary, Dundas. 

3-Dimensional Photography, Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology, Oakville. 

Seminar, mould repairing, for Owens-Illinois Corp. Cincinnati, Ohio 

PBT Academy Binangonan, seminar, personality-build calligraphic exercises, for teachers. 


Member, TYL Theatre Brno-Komin 

Accepted Member Canadian Sculptors' Society.

Elected Board of Directors, Locksmiths Association of Canada 

Accepted Member International Grapho-analysis Society 

Accepted Member World Association of Document Examiners 

Competition, theme sculpture for new Art Gallery City of Hamilton, Ontario

Competition, injured workers' Memorial Hamilton City Hall 


Over 70 years experience in field, studio, darkroom, digital, 3-dimensional. 


Certificate and Master's degree from International Grapho-Analysis Society, 

Certificate from World Association of Document Examiners 

Over 40 years experience in career, compatibility, identification of disputed signatures and writings, preparation of court exhibits, expert witnessing. 

Related - Study and research in graphic symbolism of art, psychology of colour.



Eight years experience in obedience, tracking, defence, for police.


Inventions, Canadian Patent #948947,"Valve for Vas Occlusion". Many not patented

Most recent technology of protection against large magnitude earthquake, free non-polluting energy, energy conversion and unorthodox propulsion.

Practicing artist, 70 years, various media; psychology of art; lectures - approaches to art in drawing, relation of colour to emotions and immune system, personal and artistic development; Art-based diagnostic, remedial, self-improvement techniques, the same in correctional setting.

Greek art, Oriental art and philosophy.


Handwriting analysis with expanded application to arts.

Fundamental approaches to art and problem-solving with emphasis on personal development.

Three-dimensional photography for beginners and professionals for fashion, jewellery, science, forensic, archaeology.






Don't turn the other way dear

You'll bring back my non-memories

You're spring in a desert

You're Fata Morgana


Let me carry the sky for you like umbrella

Let me have the birds sing for you

Let me be the lucky spot your foot touches first in the morning


Let me plant and harvest you field

Let me forgive all trespasses promises let me always keep

Let me be your pelican

Breeze playing with your hair

Your life eternal.


November 6 1984




For one of your smiles all Emperor's jade and emeralds

For one beat of your heart

Kingdom of mine


How far is the Sun from my prison cell

How pale are the orchids

Without your breath sublime


You're in my dreams again and again

Laying your gifts upon my parched palm

Though in the morn' your place seems warm

I know I'd call your name in vain


How far is the Sun from my prison cell

How pale are the orchids 

Without your breath sublime


January  9  2002




    Between two forked elm trees she lay, our princess, four days old. The priest says she serves now as one of the Lord's angels; I believe him, for I have no choice.

September 28, 2005



    Forty days passed and soul of our beloved brother and brother-in-law is liberated from all earthly attachments; so they say. Mother must be proud seeing all children and ever-increasing fold of grandchildren assembled for the occasion.

    It brings on painful memories of my Mother, an old widow  who was denied the pleasure of seeing any of her four grandchildren, not even pictures, tortured by the communist miscreants just because her only  son has chosen to avoid possible civil war and stayed abroad. They confiscated all our mail, letting her think I am dead. The same people are operating today, in the glorious 'our democracy'.

    I believe in His justice; the sub-humans must suffer in the deepest hell. Some may still try to avoid it, changing colour of their jackets, a custom of cowards.

   December 14, 2008


    It is customary and accepted way to use swear words like dictators, communists, nazis, etc although not entirely correct. It insists that  nothing good came from the movement. Individual people must be charged, for specific crimes, in specific time. Blaming and punishing everyone for  sins of a few is a deplorable practice.


October 22, 2013



                                                                      Philosopher Corner

                                 An ancient philosopher advised his student:

Young man, get married. It it is a good marriage, you will be happy.

If not you will become a philosopher.