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        Psychology of colour

        Latest development of system and practice of drawing for mind refinement        
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     I am an old-timer; when we got off work at 2:00 PM real life started. Anyone who dropped a word about making money was considered ripe for mental institution. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Doing things for free liberates the soul. 

if youreally w ant to talk oneto onefirstw ord is eron thenat oldrichnos and aft erdotcomescom

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    In times of troubles one can observe true nature of people. As an only child I was shielded, perhaps too much; no reason to question example of my parents based on the message proclaimed by all prophets with one voice - ‘love your neighbour’. More and more I see that ‘our Christianity’ runs according to rule, ‘take advantage of your neighbour, take revenge on your neighbour’.
Some authorities quickly adjusted to the Virus, making all efforts to help the most vulnerable. Some keep functioning under the well-rehearsed habit ‘me first’.
Everyone ought to contribute by their expertise, leaders should lead, innovators innovate.
masks give no protection against aggressive Virus entering body by way of lungs and eyes. There are too many glaring gaps with high-velocity entering points.
Efficient masks with matching goggles must not touch face because any contact with the face by the middle part lessens the efficiency of the seal on periphery.
If, from the first moment of the epidemic the authorities would concentrate on mass production of good protection gear half of the dead would be still with us. Who is to be blamed? It is the failure of educational system to teach logic and common sense right from kindergarten level. To include word 'discipline' in local dictionary. It would result in more civilized world, but not appreciated by the big business who could not sell easily snake oil to smart public.
    Our society seem to be in a symbiotic relationship; hyenas by mutual consent.




    Speaking of education, present efforts are focused on business, abandoning the arts and culture. Culture is supported only if it  promises profit. Some 'cultures' indeed generate ungodly profits, sometimes it is cleverly hidden under mantle of patriotism. No Muses are involved, phoney emotions, no respect for ancestral values above superficial. 
    When my parents took me to see an opera I was bored, complained, "they were just standing there and singing". Many years later my soul was awakened by the 'Three Tenors in Caracalla", seeing how they sang their hearts out. From this point on my life is different. Classical and Folk keep me alive.
    There must be some shock I believe to digest poetry, especially. My advice is  to listen to your heart, not self-appointed experts, who, without interruption, think money.



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